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This page lists all the applications of the JSLEE Application Compendium.

Below are one-line summaries, linked to one-page descriptions, of each application. If you are interested in exploring any of them in more depth, please contact OpenCloud.
  • Abbreviated Destinationabbreviates commonly used address digit strings to one or two digits
  • Account-Card Calling and Automatic-Alternative Billingbills a call to an alternative account or credit card
  • Active Phone Bookoffers nomadic subscribers dynamic address book and other local information (such as stores and special offers)
  • Ad-Sponsored Callinginserts targeted advertisements before or during calls, for example in exchange for free or discounted connections
  • AlertsAlerts subscribers by message or phone call
  • Anonymous Call Screeningasks unidentified callers to record their name, then plays it to the user, so they can decide whether to accept, reject, or send the call to voicemail
  • Bearer Detection (Data, Fax, Speech)assigns call handling (such as charging number or diversion) by bearer type (data, fax, or speech)
  • Blacklist and Whitelist Managementscreens calls against user- or operator-defined whitelists of allowed and blacklists of banned numbers, and processes them accordingly
  • Border Roamingreduces unintended network switching (roaming) near network boundaries
  • Business Zonecharges lower rates for employees when they are in their office locations
  • Calendar Integrationconfigures call-diversion settings according to a customer's Outlook Calendar
  • Call Attempt Alertalerts subscribers to attempted calls
  • Call Back When Freecalls a number back when an unavailable called party becomes available
  • Call Completiondelivers a voice message to a called party that doesn't answer
  • Call Distributiondistributes and re-routes calls to different destinations, according to pre-set rules
  • Call Duration Limitationlimits the duration of certain calls, releasing them upon reaching a maximum
  • Caller Identificationrequires callers to record a message to identify themselves, so the called party can decide whether to accept the call
  • Call Forwardingforwards incoming calls to an alternative destination, for example if busy or no reply
  • Call Holdputs a call on hold and plays a recorded message
  • Call Line Identificationscreens and replaces called-line identification (CLI)
  • Call Rate Limitationcounts incoming calls and handles them differently upon reaching a threshold
  • Call Screeningscreens calls according to business logic, using large, flexibly composed sets of features
  • Call Transferlets the caller or the called transfer a call to another number
  • Chat Serverpermits many subscribers to communicate simultaneously with the usage of so called 'rooms'
  • Click to Callsets up calls from clicks in web-page directories
  • Closed User Groupdefines originating and terminating subscriber groups, for restricting incoming and outgoing calls
  • Community Information Boarddistributes messages, or leaves them on a messageboard, for all or selected members of a community
  • Community What is Thislets you send an MMS to a community, asking them to send any information about the picture
  • Conference Callingallows conference calling, including web conferencing and live streaming with audience dial-in
  • Content Pushpushes updated content from the network to subscribers
  • Credit-Limit Supervisionlimits call duration, for example to limit damages from illegal use or prevent overspending
  • Customers Directorydisplays (and allows screening and routing based on) the name and profile of the incoming caller
  • Descriptions of What You Seeprovides SMS numbers to get more information about something
  • Directions to voice directions, including to any designated "home", so for example visitors to a city can easily find their way around on foot
  • Directory Enquiry Call Completioncompletes directory enquiries upon receiving enough information to determine the number and make the call
  • Do Not Disturbtemporarily rejects all incoming calls, for example playing a message before diverting to voice mail
  • Enterprise Mobilityenables mobile phones within an enterprise VPN network
  • Euro Tariffsupports a roaming tariff across Europe through a unified rating and charging service
  • Find Me Follow Meprovides a single unique number for callers to reach subscribers on varying devices and locations
  • Follow Me Diversiondiverts calls to any convenient phone
  • Follow-on Callplaces a follow-on call (or administration procedure), without redialing access or authentication codes, upon finishing a call (or administration procedure)
  • Fraud Protectionprevents illegal use of an account by barring it upon unsuccessful authentication or other fraudulent events
  • Freephone Servicesets up a free (reverse-charge) call for customers using a Freephone number
  • Home Phone over Wireless - Multi-party
  • Homezone Chargingencourages directing calls in a "homezone" to a mobile number
  • How Farapproximates how far you have traveled
  • Hunting Groupdistributes phone calls to groups of phone lines, based on various algorithms
  • IM-SSFprovides protocol conversion between IMS and IN
  • Information Serviceprovides subscribable information services, with configurable delivery options
  • Integrated Alerting Platformalerts subscribers by message or phone call
  • Interactive Textlets users interact with a display, for example to exchange information related to products or services
  • IP Centrexenterprise VoIP calls processing
  • Least-Cost Routingroutes calls to minimize cost, considering time, day, usage, and tariff rules
  • Location Screeningchanges caller identity, and other functions, based on a caller's location
  • Location Serveruses the Rhino platform the core of a location and presence server
  • Malicious Call Identificationlets users alert the network operator, to trace or record the identity of abusive calls
  • Mass Calling Servicehelps large corporate customers manage high volumes of Freephone calls
  • Message Delivery Delayingconfigure delays in the delivery of messages
  • Message Translatortranslates SMS text into another language
  • Missed Call NotificationA network service to notify subscribers for missed calls whilst their handsets are either busy, switched-off or unreachable.
  • Multi-Numberlets mobile phone users use multiple phone numbers for a single device
  • Multiple-Language Supportoffers a choice of languages for announcements
  • Multi-SIMlets subscribers use the same identity for multiple SIM cards
  • Nearby Alertslets subscribers receive text alerts, for example special offers, from places near their current location
  • No-Credit Notificationnotifies texters when recipients cannot reply because they're out of credit
  • Number Portabilitylets subscribers switch carriers without changing their phone number
  • Number Translation Serviceoffers customized routing, billing, screening, and call-restriction options
  • Online Charging Front Endoffers monthly-contract customers the same real-time, personal, spend-control safeguards as prepaid customers
  • Parental and Privacy Controlrestricts call destinations and times, as well as Web site access
  • Percentage Call Distributiondistributes Number Translation Service calls to several other destinations, based on percentage calculations
  • Play Announcementplays announcements during a call, including multimedia messages, triggered by various applications
  • Preferred Roamingsteers roamers to use a preferred partner network
  • Prefix Determinationlets subscribers present an alternate identity to terminating devices, by dialing a prefix
  • Premium-Rate Serviceprovides premium, high-cost information services, and apportions their revenue
  • Prepay Communitysets up a user community with a shared prepay balance, debited each time one group member calls or texts another
  • Presence Serverlets operators leverage a range of open Presence applications, by using the OpenCloud Rhino product
  • Private Numbering Planprovides a private numbering plan, for example for VPNs
  • Product Surveyprovides separate numbers for customers to give feedback on specific products
  • Push-to-X Applicationslets subscribers push emails, pictures, contacts, locations, and other information to compatible phones
  • Push Voice Messaging or Voice Relayrecords and forwards voice or video messages directly to a contact's handset
  • Real-Time Information Deliverykeeps key people informed of an incident, and critical information available to all parties, by posting updates in real time
  • Real-Time Textprovides a real-time, text-based alternative to voice telephony
  • Remind Me Where I Waslets users leave messages, tagged to their location, to help find it later and remember information about the place
  • Reverse IM-SSFprovides protocol conversion between IN and IMS
  • Ringback Toneplays subscribers' personalized tones or music, as Ring Back Tones (RBTs) to the calling party
  • Roaming Detectionscreens foreign calls when roaming, to accept critical calls and route others to voicemail or another number
  • SCIMprovides service-brokering and service-interaction functionality for SS7 and IMS networks
  • Secretary Officedecides the destination and routes incoming calls to specific extensions, for example to a call center
  • See What I Seeshares live video streams, in real time, between handsets
  • Service Filteringeases the load on the application layer for high-volume services, by devolving logic to the switch
  • Service Interactionselectively trigger and run multiple services on a single network trigger
  • SIP SMPP Gatewaytranslates SIP MESSAGE requests into SMS requests
  • Social-Network Communicationsallows multimedia communication between mobile phones and social-networking sites
  • Speed Diallets users define up to 10 short codes, to speed dial public numbers
  • Split Chargingsplits charging and billing based on caller identities and charging numbers in subscriber profiles
  • Talk Time and Call Logginglets firms log call times against specific clients
  • Tele Votingregisters and reports calls and selections at advertised vote numbers
  • Text a Questionlets users text questions and receive answers filtered from search engines
  • Text a Servicelets you send a text to find a nearby, available service (for example, plumber, electrician, dentist...)
  • Text Commercelets users purchase goods by SMS
  • Text-to-Speech Messaginglets subscribers receive text messages as voice messages
  • Tourist Spotsends tourist information based on a user's location
  • Trombone Eliminationeliminates "tromboning" between home and visited networks, reducing charges for diverts (for example to voicemail) when roaming
  • Turn it On or Offlets you turn an electrical appliance on or off by sending a text
  • Universal Access Numberprovides customer control over incoming calls, including having the same number reach different fixed and mobile lines
  • User-Defined Routinglets customers specify network routing for outgoing calls, for example to choose long-distance carriers
  • USSD Gatewayperforms application selection and orchestration for USSD requests
  • Video Blogprocesses and stores incoming multimedia calls on YouTube
  • Video Call Completionprocesses incoming multimedia calls based on receiver status, for example forwarding to a media server for later retrieval
  • Videoconferencingprovides video conferencing for residential and enterprise markets
  • Video Messagingcaptures, uploads, downloads, and sends Multimedia Messages (MMS)
  • Video Surveillancelets subscribers monitor people, facilities, and assets — at home or work
  • Virtual Call Centerreceive and distribute large volumes of calls
  • Virtual Calling Cardcharges a subscriber's virtual account, instead of the telephone line, for calls from any private or public telephone
  • Virtual Home Environmentlets mobile customers use visiting networks for telecommunications when outside their home coverage area
  • Virtual Messaging Centerprovides local service control while securing cost savings with centralized hardware
  • Virtual PBXprovides a "hosted PBX" system, located at a service provider host instead of the business
  • Virtual Private Networkingsets up a private communications network over public network resources
  • Voice Call Continuityensures persisting voice calls as mobile phones cross domains and infrastructures
  • Voice Diallets subscribers dial hands-free, from an address book they manage of voice-dial contacts
  • Voice Reminderlets users record a message to remind themselves, with a call-back service
  • Web Conferencing Servicefacilitates web conferencing using an IE plugin
Abbreviated Destination
Account-Card Calling and Automatic-Alternative Billing
Active Phone Book
Ad-Sponsored Calling
Anonymous Call Screening
Bearer Detection (Data, Fax, Speech)
Blacklist and Whitelist Management
Border Roaming
Business Zone
Calendar Integration
Call Attempt Alert
Call Back When Free
Call Completion
Call Distribution
Call Duration Limitation
Caller Identification
Call Forwarding
Call Hold
Call Line Identification
Call Rate Limitation
Call Screening
Call Transfer
Chat Server
Click to Call
Closed User Group
Community Information Board
Community What is This
Conference Calling
Content Push
Credit-Limit Supervision
Customers Directory
Descriptions of What You See
Directions to Nearest...
Directory Enquiry Call Completion
Do Not Disturb
Enterprise Mobility
Euro Tariff
Find Me Follow Me
Follow Me Diversion
Follow-on Call
Fraud Protection
Freephone Service
Home Phone over Wireless - Multi-party
Homezone Charging
How Far
Hunting Group
Information Service
Integrated Alerting Platform
Interactive Text
IP Centrex
Least-Cost Routing
Location Screening
Location Server
Malicious Call Identification
Mass Calling Service
Message Delivery Delaying
Message Translator
Missed Call Notification
Multiple-Language Support
Nearby Alerts
No-Credit Notification
Number Portability
Number Translation Service
Online Charging Front End
Parental and Privacy Control
Percentage Call Distribution
Play Announcement
Preferred Roaming
Prefix Determination
Premium-Rate Service
Prepay Community
Presence Server
Private Numbering Plan
Product Survey
Push-to-X Applications
Push Voice Messaging or Voice Relay
Real-Time Information Delivery
Real-Time Text
Remind Me Where I Was
Reverse IM-SSF
Ringback Tone
Roaming Detection
Secretary Office
See What I See
Service Filtering
Service Interaction
SIP SMPP Gateway
Social-Network Communications
Speed Dial
Split Charging
Talk Time and Call Logging
Tele Voting
Text a Question
Text a Service
Text Commerce
Text-to-Speech Messaging
Tourist Spot
Trombone Elimination
Turn it On or Off
Universal Access Number
User-Defined Routing
USSD Gateway
Video Blog
Video Call Completion
Video Messaging
Video Surveillance
Virtual Call Center
Virtual Calling Card
Virtual Home Environment
Virtual Messaging Center
Virtual PBX
Virtual Private Networking
Voice Call Continuity
Voice Dial
Voice Reminder
Web Conferencing Service
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